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“Unlock the Secret: Today’s Gold Price Reveals August’s Price Trend!

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Gold, a highly precious and valuable metal, holds immense significance in India and stands as a prime investment avenue in the contemporary era. Its value extends beyond ornamental purposes, encompassing domains such as artistic creations and coinage. Despite a consistent upward trajectory in gold prices, the Indian populace maintains a steadfast commitment to regularly invest in this cherished metal. The dynamic nature of gold prices within India is shaped by a multitude of factors, including the global market landscape and the relative strength of the US dollar. Consequently, the impact of these variables varies across cities, influenced by localized demand and supply dynamics.

If you are contemplating a foray into gold investment, it is prudent to acquaint yourself with the ensuing insights. Prior to delving into gold rates within India, it’s imperative to grasp the distinction between 24-carat and 22-carat gold. The former, 24-carat gold represents the pinnacle of purity, devoid of any alloying metals, boasting an unblemished composition of 100 percent gold. On the other hand, 22-carat gold contains minute proportions of alloyed metals, such as silver or copper, resulting in a composition that retains 91.67 percent pure gold.

Today’s Price  18-08-2023
CITY NAMEStandard Gold Rate (22 K)
Today’s Price 18-08-2023
Standard Gold Rate (24 K)
Today’s Price 18-08-2023
1GM10 GM1 GM10 GM
KOLKATA₹ 5,545₹ 55,450₹ 5,822₹ 58,220
DELHI₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860
MUMBAI₹ 5,503₹ 55,030₹ 5,778₹ 57,780
CHENNAI₹ 5,455₹ 54,550₹ 5,728₹ 57,280
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