“Today’s Gold Price: Why People are Addicted to Tracking Gold Prices – Regularly.”

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many people often check the price of gold for a few important reasons:

Investment: Some folks invest their money in gold. They want to know if the value of their gold is going up or down so they can make smart decisions about when to buy or sell.

Money Protection: Gold is like a shield against losing money. When other things, like the cost of living, go up (called inflation), the price of gold often goes up too. People like to keep an eye on gold to protect their money from losing value.

Beautiful Things: Gold is super shiny and pretty. People use it to make jewelry and other beautiful things. When gold prices are lower, it’s a good time to buy that special necklace or ring.

Technology: Gold isn’t just for jewelry; it’s also used in fancy technology like smartphones and computers. Tech fans watch gold prices because it can affect the prices of their gadgets.

Curiosity: Sometimes, people are just curious. Gold is fascinating because it’s rare and has been important for a very long time. So, they check the price just to know.

Remember, gold isn’t just a metal; it’s a part of our history, our investments, and even our bling! That’s why so many people keep an eye on its price.

CITY NAMEStandard Gold Rate (22 K)
Today’s Price 21-08-2023
Standard Gold Rate (24 K)
Today’s Price 21-08-2023
1 GM10 GM1 GM10 GM
KOLKATA₹ 5,545₹ 55,450
₹ 5,822
₹ 58,220
DELHI₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860
MUMBAI₹ 5,503₹ 55,030₹ 5,778₹ 57,780
CHENNAI₹ 5,450₹ 54,500₹ 5,723₹ 57,230
BANGALORE₹ 5,515₹ 55,150₹ 5,791₹ 57,910
KERALA₹ 5,410₹ 54,100₹ 5,681₹ 56,810
LUCKNOW₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860
MADHYA PRADESH₹ 5,503₹ 55,030₹ 5,778₹ 57,780
NOIDA₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860
ODISHA₹ 5,545₹ 55,450₹ 5,822₹ 58,220

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