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“Many things influence gold prices in India. These include changes in the world market, the strength of the US dollar, how much it costs to bring gold into India, how much interest banks pay on savings accounts, how strong the economy is, seasonal changes, inflation, and how much gold people want to buy compared to how much is available.

When inflation is high, people often buy more gold, and this can make the price go up. Likewise, when more people want gold, its price goes up because there isn’t enough for everyone.

Also, the price of gold in India is affected by the international price of gold. It’s just like how the price of any other product can change based on how much people want it and how much is available. So, when more people want gold and there isn’t enough, the price goes up.”

CITY NAMEStandard Gold Rate (22 K)
Today’s Price 20-08-2023
Standard Gold Rate (24 K)
Today’s Price 20-08-2023
1 GM10 GM1 GM10 GM
KOLKATA₹ 5,545₹ 55,450₹ 5,822₹ 58,220
DELHI₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860
MUMBAI₹ 5,503₹ 55,030₹ 5,778₹ 57,780
CHENNAI₹ 5,450₹ 54,500₹ 5,723₹ 57,230
BANGALORE₹ 5,515₹ 55,150₹ 5,791₹ 57,910
KERALA₹ 5,410₹ 54,100₹ 5,681₹ 56,810
LUCKNOW₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860
MADHYA PRADESH₹ 5,503₹ 55,030₹ 5,778₹ 57,780
NOIDA₹ 5,510₹ 55,100₹ 5,786₹ 57,860

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