“Gold price increase from yesterday: search it.”

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The cost of gold is higher today than it was yesterday. This means that if you had gold yesterday and you sell it today, you would get more money for it. People who have invested in gold might be happy because they could make more profit if they sell it now.

Advantage of Gold Price Increase

When the price of gold goes up from yesterday, it can be advantageous for people who already own gold. This is because the gold they had yesterday is now worth more money, so they can sell it for a higher price and make a profit. It’s like having a toy that becomes more valuable, and if you decide to sell it, you get more money to buy other things or save. So, the advantage of a gold price increase is that it can make people who own gold feel richer because their gold is now worth more than before.

Disadvantage of Gold Price Increase

When the price of gold increases from yesterday, it can have disadvantages for certain people. If someone wants to buy gold, they may need to pay more money for it, which can be a disadvantage for them because it’s more expensive. Also, businesses that use gold to make things like jewelry or electronics might face higher costs, and this could lead to them raising prices for their products. So, while a higher gold price can benefit those who own gold, it might not be good for those who want to buy it or for some businesses.

City NameStandard Gold Rate (22 K)
Today’s Price 23-08-2023
Standard Gold Rate (24K)
Today’s Price 23-08-2023
1 GM10 GM1 GM10 GM
Kolkata₹ 5,555₹ 55,550₹ 5,833₹ 58,330
Delhi₹ 5,520₹ 55,200₹ 5,796₹ 57,960
Mumbai₹ 5,513₹ 55,130₹ 5,789₹ 57,890
Chennai₹ 5,460₹ 54,600₹ 5,733₹ 57,330
Bangalore₹ 5,525₹ 55,250₹ 5,801₹ 58,010
Kerala₹ 5,420₹ 54,200₹ 5,691₹ 56,910
Lucknow₹ 5,520₹ 55,200₹ 5,796₹ 57,960
Madhya pradesh₹ 5,513₹ 55,130₹ 5,789₹ 57,890
Noida₹ 5,520₹ 55,200₹ 5,796₹ 57,960
Odisha₹ 5,555₹ 55,550₹ 5,833₹ 58,330

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